Children Helped 2018

Ashtyn Poulsen


Ashtyn is currently undergoing her 3rd Bone Marrow Transplant at Seattle Children's Hospital since her initial diagnosis in 2013 at age 12. Every day is an emotional and psychical battle for Ashtyn and her family and we hope we can alleviate some of their financial burden through our grant program. Please keep Ashtyn in your thoughts and prayers as she is facing many complications. Read more about Ashtyn's story below.   

Alexis Shaw


 Lexi Shaw, a 14-year-old who just finished her freshman year of high school, was diagnosed in May with Ewing Sarcoma of the kidney -- a rare form of cancer that required her to have her left kidney removed. Ewing Sarcoma mainly affects children ages 6 to 18, and there are only about 1,000 reported cases a year, making it extremely rare. 

Kimi Schroder


 Kimi is an amazing 12-year old girl who has been bravely battling NEUROBLASTOMA for EIGHT  years. Through it all, she has maintained an incredibly positive and joyful attitude. She is truly an inspiration to all who are fortunate to enter her life.
In November 2017,  Kimi relapsed for the THIRD time.  

Hanna Markham


Hanna is an amazing 9 year old girl who has been battling Rhabdomyosarcoma for most of her life. More recently, she had relapsed for the 5th time and treatment options are extremely limited. We are helping Hanna fly out to CHLA (Children's Hospital of Los Angeles) to see a sarcoma specialist who will hopefully have some insight on how to save Hanna from this horrible disease. 

Gio Villante


Gio is a sweet 11 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Like all of these children, Gio should be spending his time playing and going to school rather than being treated for cancer. Gio and Mary share a special connection, as they both have a twin.